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Workspace (R)evolution

What if you could influence your own work environment any way you like and adjust it according to your personal mood and need of the moment?  What if you could freely regulate density and distance in space and organize your own clean air on the spot? 

Office Rickshaw and Office Totem are human centered, nomadic workstation designs that enable it's user(s) personal influence and control, in a fun and playful way. Both movable workstations are equipped with smart technology and a powerful rechargeable battery, providing sufficient energy for a full day of wireless work. Combined with an app on a smartphone you can organize your own personal workspace experience.

Office Rickshaw | Movable Workstation

A one-size-fits-all corporate workspace doesn’t seem to benefit many people. The rickshaw offers full customization of the workplace to it's user. Different work postures are possible; a low seat and a standing position with table top and brainstorm board. Different styles and colors can be chosen according to one's personal preference and style.   


Special feature of the rickshaw is it's shapeshifting option. By opening the side panel it can arch it's back like a cat, unfolding it's felt interiors, claiming space and distance in a clear but gentle manner, showing to be temporarily unavailable for interaction.

The rickshaw can be deployed in various situations. It can be used as a kind of personal spaceship to navigate through and occupy architectural spaces. Combined with intelligence this opens a new perspective on interior design where final decisions can be made during the occupational process. Maybe also spaces that would normally not be suitable for workspaces like semi heated atriums or historic buildings with low insulation values now can become interesting to use.

In it’s most basic form the rickshaw can be used in a private house to disconnect temporarily from family life when in need of focus. 

Office Totem | Movable Workstation

“Agile work finally gets what it lacks! 


Office Totem provides a home base for brief get togethers or individual breakouts for members of the same tribe. 


Totems historically symbolize shared culture and are bearers of meaning. They can be stacked with different components and changing toppings, giving endless possibilities to create one’s own unique expression, representative of the tribe you belong to. Moods and messages can be signaled to colleagues with a LED marquee. Additional tools like a beamer and a sound system turn the Office Totem into your best office pal, offering a wide range of use from a presentation tool on monday to a party starter at friday afternoon.


Office Totem adds, as a movable workstation, a new visual language to the standard office as we know it. These archetypical iconic objects are meant to stand out from the angular, efficient deskscapes as we know them. They add colour, diversity, personal expression and playfulness to the workspace.


Office Rickshaw and Office Totem by W-Architectuurstudio / Edith Winkler were shortlisted competition designs at Agile Workspace 2.0 by Frame magazine X Orgatec

in 2020

Prototypes were exhibited at Dutch Designweek and GLUE Amsterdam 2021 //

Special thanks to EST-artfoundation Leiden for sharing their spaces //

Projectsupport by Guido Winkler // Lamello Nederland // Nevima BV // Wilna van der Sluis // ZagenZagen //

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