Workspace (R)evolution


How can we turn the office from a dehumanized space into a human friendly, futureproof, fun and healthy place? What if you could influence your own work environment any way you like and adjust it according to your personal mood and need of the moment? How would it be when you could freely regulate density and distance in space and organize your own clean air on the spot?

OFFICE RICKSHAW is designed as a single person, smart nomadic workstation. You can organize your own comfort zone by adjusting heat, cooling, fresh air and additional light. Office Rickshaw provides different workpostures, sitting down or standing up with a brainstorm board. Special feature is that you can arch your back like a cat, giving a physical sign to your colleagues that you are not available for interaction. Office Rickshaw can be pimped according to personal preference and adds colour and expression to the workfloor.

OFFICE TOTEM provides a home base for brief get togethers or individual breakouts for members of the same tribe. Smart technology gives it’s users the possibility to customize the direct work environment any way they like, anytime. Fresh air, additional light, cooling or heating can be adjusted according to personal preference.


Totems historically symbolize shared culture and are bearers of meaning. They can be stacked with different components giving endless possibilities to create one’s own unique expression, representative of the tribe they belong to. Moods and messages can be signaled to colleagues with a LED marquee.


Office Totem adds a new visual language to the standard office as

We know it. These archetypical iconic objects are meant to stand out from the angular, efficient deskscapes. They add colour, diversity, personal expression and playfulness to the workfloor.

Mobiel Werkstation Totem.jpg
Mobiel Werkstation Lichtkrant

Projectsupport by EST-artfoundation Leiden 

Mobiel Werkstation Office Rickshaw shapeshift.jpg
Mobiel Werkstation Office Rickshaw